Published July 23, 2015 by sarahphinn

Families, friends, with their bright towels adorning the sand,
Children’s cries and laughter, as they run hand in hand
Across the beach to where the waves caress the shore,
As generations of youngsters have done many times before.
Seagulls in flight, high above the coastline shop
Anticipating easy pickings, swooping down for the food we drop.
Sails scraping the clear blue sky
As the flotilla of vessels slowly passes by,
Gliding majestically into our port
Where boats brush the quay, braided with wet rope, for support.

Close your eyes to the fresh sea air,
To the smell of the salt and the seaweed there.
Let your soul drift, floating gently on the breeze,
Anchoring down in Blyth, watching over our seas.

© Sarah Phinn


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